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(privacy policy)

TengenT LLC is committed to respecting your privacy. TengenT LLC will not sell or transmit to others any personally identifiable data entered into LDS Scripture Games. This personally identifiable data includes your name, e-mail address, or any piece of information which could be associated with your name or email address.

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TengenT LLC will not collect your name or e-mail address without your consent. TengenT LLC will cooperate fully with verified law enforcement authorities and government agencies whenever duly requested to do so. TengenT LLC will monitor LDS Scripture Games usage only for administration, abuse prevention and support purposes.

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TengenT LLC uses data collected from the LDS Scripture Games in an aggregate manner to provide its users with a more rich gameplay experience. TengenT LLC collects information such as Google Play Games Username and player ID, frequency of scriptural occurances (how often each scripture is used during gameplay), score information, engagement data, device information, location information, etc. None of the information we collect is connected with users' personal information other than their Google Play Games Username.

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The LDS Scripture Games app displays advertisements from Google. If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please send your comments or questions to info @

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